Patient Testimonials

Dr. Andres is consistently rated a 5 out of 5 stars across multiple online review platforms. Below are some that can be found on Facebook:

“Dr Andres is truly one of the best doctors I know of. He cares for his patients with utmost respect and concern. He goes above what I expect from a doctor and is why I’m willing to travel from the Orange Park area. He is a prime example of what a doctor is. I’m a patient not a number. Thank you Dr Andres and your staff.” – Amanda Reale.


“Dr. Andres is not only a wonderful doctor, he’s a wonderful man. He is not only my doctor but is also my daughter’s and granddaughters. He is kind, very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his patients. He has helped our family through many difficult times and always is supportive of your concerns and questions. Give him a try, you won’t be sorry.” – Betty Phillips Ellis.


“My husband and I both love Dr. Andres! He is such a caring, kind and knowledgeable man. To be completely honest, I don’t like doctors and feel anxious when I have to see them. Dr. Andres is the exception! I wish I could go to him for all of my health needs. I would recommend him and his office to any and everyone. THANK YOU Dr. Andres!!!”- Amy Gebert.


“He is amazing! I live in Middleburg and I drive to just have him be my doctor!!  – Christi Branch.


The following are some patient reviews posted to Google reviews:

“Dr. Andres is the best doctor I have ever had…I have been a patient for 25 yrs. and hope I NEVER have to go to anyone else.You get his undivided attention..he “listens” and truly wants to help you if you have health issues or concerns. He is a gentlemen, caring, with a sincere goal to help you. THE BEST!! ;)”- Charlene Brown.


“Amazing doctor! A friend recommended Dr. Andres and as soon as I found out I was expecting my daughter, I called and made my appointment. Best decision I made. I wanted personalized care and not see a different doctor for every appointment and get whoever doctor was on call to do my delivery. He monitored my pregnancy very closely and I felt safe. Delivery was easy. Great surgeon with a lifetime of experience!” – V. Meyers.


“I can only describe him as the ABSOLUTE BEST DOCTOR you will ever know. Sweet, caring, takes all the time needed to LISTEN and discuss all issues and questions with the patient. Never seems to be in a rush to leave you, or to move to the next patient. Ample and extensive experience in the field, and makes you feel great no matter what. His assistant, Theresa, is also the best–very sweet. The girls in the office are extremely sweet, easy to schedule appointments, and they don’t take too long to see you after you are checked in. I cannot recommend Dr. Andres enough! If you want a great OBGYN for you, and the best care during your pregnancy, do yourself a favor and call him.” – Marine Figueroa.


“Was looking for care and came across Dr. Andres. All the reviews I totally agree with. While I was there they were running behind and they let us know ahead of time. Let us leave to run errands and called to know when it was close to our appt time. He was very patient and I got to talk with him in his office before even being seen. I’m totally happy with everyone there!” – Janee Thomas.


“I have been a patient for 14 yrs now. I originally went to him for my pregnancy with my son. I have always been impressed by his being very personable and professional more than any doctor of my 50 yrs. He is very concerned and thorough not only about the obstetrics side but he makes sure you are all around are in good health. He is more thorough than my Primary M.D.. He truly genuine about how he cares for his patients. I would not want to think of having to find someone close to his care as a patient. Thank you Dr. Andres!” – Brenda Messick.